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R W Walpole Ltd are pleased to offer a full range of raspberry varieties which includes the very best floricane and primocane selections available to the commercial grower.

Planting healthy canes are crucial to the success of your crop. In order to achieve the highest possible standards of health we restrict our propagation to sites which have never previously grown raspberry and, wherever possible, our stocks are entered and inspected under the Plant Health Propagation Scheme (PHPS).

Our Certified Stock are grown from virus tested parent material supplied by the Nuclear Stock Association (NSA) or sourced from JHI.

We recommend

1. Planting Dates – We strongly advise customers to wait until the leaves have dropped in the autumn before planting. November and December are the ideal planting times for raspberries but good establishment can also be obtained in early spring. Later planting is less reliable and we cannot take responsibility for the performance of fresh canes supplied from February.

2. Cold Storage – Please note that cold-stored canes are slower to break bud than those held at ambient. For prices please see the Cold Store Charges tab.
Small Quantities
All prices quoted on this website apply to quantities of 50 raspberry canes or more for per individual variety. We are pleased to supply smaller quantities across our range but such small quantities attract and additional charge of 50% above the website price to cover the extra handling and packing costs. Orders of £50 or less are subject to our 'Small Quantities' price list which is available on request.

FPCS Charges 
Raspberry FPCS Certification: £9.50 per 1000 canes

Soil Grown - Bare Root Plants
Available November - February fresh lifted and ex cold-store in the spring by arrangement.

Standard Cane
Very popular and widely used for planting in soil to establish a traditional fruiting plantation.
Field grown and supplied washed in 8kg crates ex cold-store. Available January - June.
Suitable for long distance shipping.
Can be kept frozen at -2 degrees C until required.
Please order by the end of February.
Spring Potted Plants
Raised from rooted fresh tips and available in 40 cell trays April - June.
Suitable for soil planting into well prepared raised beds with drip irrigation. These plants will develop rapidly and evenly to produce cane for fruiting the following summer.
Ideal for planting into pots for growing on as potted Long Cane.

Want to know more?

We're here to help, contact our friendly staff during office hours if you want more information on any of our products.
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