Kweli "Advabereen", Raspberry

EU PVR Application 37396
Three weeks later than Imara with a 50% pick date around the end of September in the 2012 PCF Tongeren trials, Kweli produced a similar yield of class 1 fruit to that of Imara. The berries are an attractive orange-red and do not darken. Kweli have an exceptional shelf life being the firmest of the ABB varieties. The berries are large (averaging 5gms) well flavoured and easily picked. The variety is vigorous and produces well branched canes with no evident pest of disease problems to date. Kweli performed particularly well in the 2012 UK trials when grown under polythene and glass and has consistently produced a high quality product that has been well receievd by the customer.

Kweli is suitable for double cropping and capable of producing a significant and very early floricane crop. Well managed substrate crops have produced fruit that have equalled the top floricane varieties for flavour throughout the season.

Approved Health

Plant Availability
Standard Cane: December to April
Long Cane (0.70cm): December
Potted Plants (72/80 cell trays): April to June
Cold-stored Tray Plants: December to February
ABB Price List: Available upon request

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Planting Distance

Intra-row spacing - 60cm / 24ins, Row Width - 2.7/3m or 9/10ft, Plants per Acre - 2200/2400, Plants per hectare - 5500/6200


Graded Roots - Yes


60 Cell Modules - Yes

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