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Glen Fyne®, Raspberry

EU 27262
A superbly flavoured mid-season selection from JHI with real potential to supersede Tulameen as the premier quality floricane. Bred by Nicki Jennings of MRS, Glen Fyne produces firm, bright, cohesive berries that are attractively coloured and comparable in size and shelf life to those of Glen Ample. Glen Fyne commences cropping three days earlier than Glen Ample, continues for a longer season and has consistently out yielded Glen Ample and is easy to pick. The variety produces exceptionally fine flavoured, aromatic fruit throughout its long season and when subjected to professional sensory profiling was ranked superior to all other selections including Tulameen. Glen Fyne is moderately vigorous, producing long and strong spine-free canes with close internodes suggesting that the variety has potential as a long cane. The berries are well presented on strong laterals and the canes are easily managed.

NB: Glen Fyne is susceptible to Raspberry Root Rot and needs to be grown on clean sites under protection with careful management including routine fungicides. Where Raspberry Root Rot is a problem it is recommended that the variety is grown in substrate.

Certified Stock

Standard Cane: £860 per thousand
Root: £22 per kg

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Provisionally Recommended

Planting Distance

Intra-row spacing - 60cm / 24ins, Row Width - 2.7/3m or 9/10ft, Plants per Acre - 2200/2400, Plants per hectare - 5500/6200


Standard - Yes
Graded Roots - Yes

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