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Malling™ Centenary, Strawberry

EU 40671
Bred by the East Malling Strawberry Breeding Club at NIAB-EMR and released in 2013, Malling™ Centenary has already established itself as the most widely grown and pre-eminent June bearing variety in the UK. A combination of superb fruit quality, excellent flavour, 98% Class 1 yields and phenomenal picking speeds has underpinned this variety's success. 

This early season selection has been released as a direct result of the variety's superb flavour, appearance and shelf life compared to the current industry standards of Elsanta and Sonata. The berries are very regularly shaped and large with 62% of the crop greater than 35mm in the HDC substrate trial (SF128). This is the result of a relatively simple flower truss structure that gives 5-6 flowers per truss. The berries have a high level of gloss which is retained during storage. The flavour has consistently been extremely good in all trials. Shelf life is excellent and the variety was rated first for shelf life in the 2015 Hoogstraten glasshouse trial. In the HDC trial over four seasons Malling™ Centenary has performed very well as a tray plant yielding in excess of 440g/plant and was the second highest yielding selection at 717g/plant in the following year in the HDC Substrate Trial (SF128 2011/12). In the 2015 Proefcentrum Hoogstraten Glasshouse Trial, Malling™ Centenary yield was 6.9kg per square metre, comparable to the highest yielding varieties in the trial and cropped over the period 18/03/2015 to 07/05/2015. The variety performs well in open field production with yields superior to those of Elsanta. Significant efforts are being made to understand the factors that limit yield in Malling™ Centenary in order to identify the ways in which propagators can produce higher yielding plants.

Fresh Struck Waiting Bed

Kraege Beerenpflanzen, located near the north German town of Munster, produce fresh struck waiting beds exclusively for RW Walpole Ltd. Kraege's have an enviable reputation as a result of the health and productivity of their plants. Customers ordering Kraega grown plants from us will be supplied with a mixture of heavy, medium and light waiting beds dependant on the season's production.

Double Cold-Stored Waiting Beds (DCWB)

Designed to provide a large waiting bed with an increased number of inflorescenses per plant to maximise the 60-day yield.
Using our own FPCS Certified cold -stored plants planted in late April - early May we are able to to produce a strong, mulit-crowned, well rooted plant. These plants carry significantly more flower trusses than the fresh struck plants and should be planted early in the season to maximise potential. Trialled in coir at a demsity of 8 plants per metre run and planted at the end of April, our Double Cold-Stored Waiting Beds produced 584gm Class 1 fruit per plant (22000 kg/ha) over a 43 day picking period.

Jeremy Darby and the Double Cold-Stored Trial

Certified Stock

Fresh standard plants: £235 per thousand 
Cold stored A- grade plants: £191.90 per thousand
Cold stored A grade plants: £241.90 per thousand
Cold stored A+ grade plants: £356.90 per thousand
Trays (DCTP) - Ex cold store: £580 per thousand*
Single Crown Double Cold Stored Waiting Bed: £390 per thousand*
Double Crown Double Cold Stored Waiting Bed: £480 per thousand*
Misted Tips (grown to order - available early August): POA

*plus cold storage charges

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