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Renaissance, Strawberry

A high yielding mid season selection with medium sized, shiny red, glossy, heart shaped berries. Richly aromatic and with a high sugar to acid ratio gives Renaissance a superb and unique flavour.

Excellent vigour and disease resistance makes this variety well suited to traditional matted row culture and suitable for PYO.

Hansabred was set up in 2008 by four leading European propagators, Kraege Beerenpflanzen, Vissers Aardbeiplanten B.V.,Planasa & RW Walpole & Partners. Making full use of the world renowned collection of strawberry species put together by Professor Staudt and housed at the Hansabred facilities, the breeding programme is now in its eleventh year and is producing superbly flavoured selections well adapted to modern growing regimes.

Certified Stock

Cold stored A- grade plants: £196.90 per thousand
Cold stored A grade plants: £246.90 per thousand
Cold stored A+ grade plants £366.90 per thousand

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