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Elsanta, Strawberry

Elsanta is still the UK’s most important variety thirty-one years after its initial release by the Dutch breeders. Superb fruit quality and excellent shelf life make this the supermarkets’ favourite.

Susceptibility to fruit splitting and malformation, a compact picking season and poor disease resistance, particularly to Verticillium Wilt and other soil-borne diseases, limit the profitability of this variety in many situations.

The medium to large, firm, orange-red fruit are the varieties greatest asset. Susceptibility to Two Spotted Mite and Powdery Mildew also test the grower’s competence. Fresh dug plants are available from mid-September through to mid-April. Bench graded cold-stored plants are offered from January until end June.

The traditional A+ grade that offers good 60-day potential at a realistic price. Carefully selected to ensure that all plants reach a minimum of 15mm crown diameter. No large plants are removed from this grade.

Certified Stock

Fresh standard plants: £223 per thousand
Cold stored A- grade plants: £176.90 per thousand
Cold stored A grade plants: £229.90 per thousand
Cold stored A+ plants: £356.90 per thousand
Medium & Heavy Waiting Beds: POA

Ordering Information





Planting Distance

Intra-row spacing - 35cm / 14ins, Row Width - 1.5m / 60ins, Plants per Acre - 15000, Plants per hectare - 38100

Plant Types

Fresh - Standard Grade - Yes
Cold Stored Graded - Yes
Waiting Beds - Yes
Misted Tips - Yes
Tray Plants - Yes

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