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Chester, Blackberry

Bred in Maryland, USA, Chester’s combination of high quality fruit, excellent flavour and a late season has resulted in its becoming one of the most popular varieties in the UK.

Well presented, shiny black fruit of 5-6 grams with an attractive fruity flavour and superb shelf life are typical of this variety. The berries do not soften or lose their attractive shine under hot conditions. The picking season begins in mid-August in the UK and normally continues until the first frosts, although quality declines in early October.

The yield potential of this variety is unequalled. The variety is extremely vigorous producing semi-erect thornless canes. In our experience, Chester thrives on heavy, non-irrigated soils. Disease resistance is excellent with no evidence of Downy Mildew or Purple Blotch.

Plant spacings of 2.0m to 2.5m are recommended. Tip pruning of newly emerged primocanes is essential.

CAC Grade

9cm pots: £220 per hundred
2 Litre pots: £455 per hundred
3 Litre pots: £455 per hundred

Ordering Information




Fully recommended

Planting Distance

Intra-row spacing - 2/2.5m or 78/98ins, Row Width - 2.5m / 8ft, Plants per Acre - 670/840, Plants per hectare - 1600/2000


9cm - Yes
2 Litre - Yes

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