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Joan J, Raspberry

EU 10236
Joan J is a high yielding, large fruited primocane selection from Medway Fruits. It is an early season selection, commencing picking at end July/early August, similar to Autumn Bliss, and cropping for a seven-week season.

The variety crops heavily in the first half of its fruiting period. The berries are 30% larger than Autumn Bliss and are both brighter and firmer.

The flavour is superb. Fruit weights are typically 6 grams and yields of 6-7 tons/ha (2.3 – 3 tons/acre) should be anticipated. The fruit freezes exceptionally well without any increase in acidity that occurs with most other varieties.

Daily picking is recommended to optimise the performance of this variety as the fruit tends to darken and soften if left too long on the plant.

Approved Health

Standard Cane: £860 per thousand
Root: £20 per kg

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Fully recommended

Planting Distance

Intra-row spacing - 60cm / 24ins, Row Width - 2.7/3m or 9/10ft, Plants per Acre - 2200/2400, Plants per hectare - 5500/6200


Standard - Yes
Graded Roots - Yes

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