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NEW Malling™ Ace, Strawberry

An exciting new everbearer from NIAB-EMR!

Malling Ace has uniform, large, conic berries whose size is maintained throughout the whole season. Malling Centenary like in appearance with exceptional Class 1 grade outs. 
The berries are sweet and juicy with a high average Brix of 9.2. 
Long flowering trusses provide well presented fruit giving phenomenal picking speeds in trials and yields in excess of 1.5kg per plant and 9.7kg/metre run have been regularly achieved in trials using 250cc tray plants at a lower than normal density of 5 plants/metre.

Malling Ace plants have a strong root system and show good tolerance to Crown Rot (Phytophthora Cactorum). A Powdery Mildew control programme is essential for sites that are ‘mildew-prone’. This variety is currently being evaluated by the multiples and has already been listed by Lidl and Tesco at the time of going to press.

Approved Health

Mini Tray Plants: POA


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