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Cold Store Charges

The unprecedented increase in the cost of electricity has given us no option but to review our charges for cold storing plants. Our charges are based on the estimated cost per pallet per week at -2 degrees celsius for sping 2024 and reflects the large variation in the number of plants per pallet. We need to reserve the right of increasing or decreasing these rates in respect to the actual price. 

The following charges are added to each plant invoice:

Strawberries: cost per 1000 plants per week from 4th February 2024
A-  £0.30
A   £0.80
A+ £1.30
Single Crown Waiting Bed £2.15
Double Crown Waiting Bed £3.20
Mini Tray Plants £3.20
Tray Plants £5.40

Raspberries: cost per 1000 canes per week from 10th March 2024
Standard £4.30
Long Cane £13.00
Potted Long Cane TBA
Plugs £5.40

Bushes: cost per 1000 bushes per week from 10th March 2024
Bare Root £2.60

Rhubarb: cost per 1000 crowns per week from 3rd March 2024
Crowns £6.50

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