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Glen Carron, Raspberry

EU 49479
Bred at JHI on behalf of the Raspberry Breeding Consortium and trialled as 0485K-1

An early to mid season selection cropping over a four week period. The high quality, large berries are consistently larger than Tulameen at 5.4gms, bright red, and with a high gloss and a high Class 1 percentage. The berries are long, conic in shape, well presented and pick and plug easily; they are very sweet (11.8 Brix) with a low level of acidity. The berries have good shipping characteristics and have an outstanding shelf-life.

Glen Carron is vigorous, producing a good show of strong, spine-free canes. The fruit is well displayed with strong laterals. 

Suitable for soil or substrate production and resistant to Cane Botrytris, Spur Blight and Raspberry Aphid.

Certified Stock

Standard cane: £860 per thousand 
Spring potted 40 cell plant: £920 per thousand

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