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R W Walpole Ltd are blackberry specialists and the UK's leading blackberry propagator

We operate a designated propagation unit devoted solely to the production of blackberry and hybridberry plants.

Plants are raised almost exclusively by means of leaf bud cuttings and are grown for the first season in 9cm pots. Two-year-old plants are offered for sale in 2 litre pots.

Our recommendations:

Two Litre Potted Plants
Blackberries are slow to establish and realise their yield potential. Under good establishment conditions a 2 litre potted plant produces up to 25% of its potential in the second summer after planting and 75% the following year. A 9cm plant will be less productive during its first three seasons.

Thornfree Varieties
Thornfree varieties can be trained and picked much more cost effectively than thorny varieties and, with the exception of Karaka Black, should be chosen in preference for any large scale planting.
All blackberries are offered at CAC grade only

NB: Small orders are subject to our 'Small Quantities' price list which is available on request

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We're here to help, contact our friendly staff during office hours if you want more information on any of our products.
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