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Ben Connan, Blackcurrant

Ben Connan is a Sarek-Lomond cross that carries high yields of exceptionally large fruit on compact bushes.

These large berries, up to 18mm diameter, are carried on medium length strigs making picking comparatively economical. Yieds of up to 4.4kgs per bush have been recorded in trials. The variety is early and has good disease resistance including to Powdery Mildew. Ben Connan has a good sharp blackcurrant flavour.

CAC Grade

2 stem+: £310 per hundred

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Fully recommended

Planting Distance

Intra-row spacing - 1.4m / 54ins, Row Width - 1.8m / 6ft, Plants per Acre - 1600, Plants per hectare - 4000


2 Year - Yes

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