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Javelim, Asparagus

• 100% male variety
• Suitable for green asparagus production
• Mid-early production
• Excellent tip closure
• High percentage of class 1
• Visually attractive product
• Recommended plant density: 4-6 plants per metre

Javelim is a 100% male hybrid that is ideal for green asparagus production in regions with a temperate climate. Javelim is a mid-early variety with a very high spear weight and excellent tip closure. Thanks to its excellent tip quality, Javelim is suitable for use in a wide geographical area.

Javelim thrives on fertile, well-drained soils. Trials for green asparagus production conducted over several years showed that the best results were achieved with a planting density of 4-6 plants per linear metre with a planting depth of 15- 20 cm. Javelim is a medium-early variety and produces a high percentage of asparagus in the highest quality class.

Javelim has a very high spear weight and excellent tip closure, a good yield and remains constant during its production life. Even in warm or hot conditions, the tip of Javelim remains  firmly closed. Javelim produces beautifully smooth spears, resulting in a very attractive product.

Javelim’s uniform foliage is dark, erect and vigorous and has an open structure. The foliage is resistant to lodging and stays green for a long time.

NAKT Select Plant Certified

1 year old crowns: £645 per thousand
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