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Autumn Treasure, Raspberry

EU 32811
A good quality mid-season primocane from the EMR programme, Autumn Treasure produces large (3.5 grams – 5.0 grams) conical, cohesive berries that have an attractive, bright colour.

The fruit is firm with a pleasant flavour and plugs easily at an early stage of ripeness. Picking commences slightly later than Autumn Bliss and the 50% pick date varies between 26th August and 8th September in Kent. The canes are strongly erect, self supporting and spine free.

Autumn Treasure is resistant to Verticillium Wilt and Powdery Mildew, has good tolerance to Raspberry Root Rot and withstands adverse weather conditions better than other primocanes.

Recommended for organic or low input growing systems.

Certified Stock

Standard Cane: £1055 per thousand
Root: £24.50 per kg

Additional charges may apply, please see the Cold Store Charges tab for more information.

Ordering Information
How To Grow – Plant from autumn through to late spring in a sunny position with free draining soil. Floricane raspberries (summer fruiting) will require a sturdy support system made of posts and horizontal wires, primocane raspberries (autumn fruiting) do not require supports. Plant in rows spaced 60cm (24”) apart and prune to 15cm (6”) above ground level immediately after planting to encourage more growth. At the time of despatch, canes will be dormant and often look dead, but this is completely normal. Prepare holes in the soil wide enough and deep enough to lay out the roots. Please plant as soon as possible upon arrival and water well, apply a mulch to protect the roots from cold temperatures and the canes will then begin to establish. If conditions prevent immediate planting, heel the plants in.

More Information – Fresh dug raspberry canes are available from early November to January. Coldstored raspberry canes are available from February to May. The prices listed are for quantities per thousand, if you wish to place a smaller order please get in contact with a member of the team.

Delivery – Please let us know when you are ready – we will not send plants without prior notice from you. Orders are despatched by parcel courier or pallet network depending on the size, weight and dimensions. Unfortunately, at this moment in time we are only able to deliver plants to UK based addresses, however if you would like to discuss the option of an export, please send an email to liam@rwwalpole.co.uk.

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