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Vibrant, Strawberry

EU 37422
Bred and selected by East Malling Research, Vibrant is a high yielding, high quality early variety that has rapidly become established as the premier early selection and has advanced the English strawberry season by ten days.

Vibrant produces beautifully shaped, uniform, conic berries which are medium to large in size and with virtually no Class II fruit. The berries are glossy, brilliant red in colour and are carried on strongly erect, long, flowering peduncles. Vibrant was bred to give a high 60-day yield by producing a large number of flowering trusses in succession thus cropping over an extended period.

A genuinely early variety with a 50% pick date at least seven days ahead of Elsanta. The plants are moderately vigorous with good resistance to Powdery Mildew and Crown Rot but are susceptible to Verticillium Wilt. A second crop can occur if the crop has been forced and up to 400gms of good quality fruit can be produced from July onwards.

Each truss carries only 4 to 5 flowers thus maintaining a larger fruit size (72% of the Vibrant crop exceeded 35mm compared to 56% for Elsanta in the Hoogstraten trial). Maincrop yields have been consistently good and have normally exceeded 1kg per plant. Picking speeds are exceptional due to the good presentation of the berries and the fruit is easily handled and packed being firmer than both Clery and Elsanta. Flavour is excellent and Vibrant was the top rated selection for flavour in the HDC Substrate Trial in 2011.

Certified Stock

Fresh standard plants: £288 per thousand
Cold stored A- grade plants: £226 per thousand
Cold stored A grade plants: £288 per thousand 
Cold stored A+ grade plants: £435 per thousand
Single crown cold-stored waiting bed: £500 per thousand
Double crown cold-stored waiting bed: £605 per thousand
Tray plants (DCTP): £680 per thousand

Additional charges may apply, please see the Cold Store Charges tab for more information. 

Ordering Information
How To Grow – Plant from autumn through to late spring in a sunny but sheltered spot with well manured free draining soil. Strawberry runners should be planted every 45cm (18”) in rows spaced at 75cm (30”) apart. At the time of despatch, plants will be semi dormant and may have very little foliage; this is completely normal. Please plant as soon as possible upon arrival, this will revitalise the plants and new growth will start to appear. When planting, spread out the roots and place them in the soil at a level where the crown of the plant is just above the surface. Alternatively, they can be grown in growbags (10 plants per bag), or in hanging baskets or containers.

More Information – Fresh dug strawberry plants are available from late October to December. Coldstored strawberry plants are available from January to late June. The prices listed are for quantities per thousand, if you wish to place a smaller order please get in contact with a member of the team.

Delivery – Please let us know when you are ready – we will not send plants without prior notice from you. Orders are despatched by parcel courier or pallet network depending on the size, weight and dimensions. Unfortunately, at this moment in time we are only able to deliver plants to UK based addresses, however if you would like to discuss the option of an export, please send an email to liam@rwwalpole.co.uk.

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