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Karaka Black, Blackberry

EU 10720
Karaka Black is an early season blackberry bred by Harvey Hall of the HortResearch breeding programme in New Zealand.

The attractive, shiny fruit have similar shape to that of Kotata, are well displayed and easy to pick. These dark black fruits are firm and have an outstanding shelf life. Karaka Black has a good blackberry flavour but may be slightly acidic when picked under ripe or grown in cool climates.

Yields in trials in New Zealand have been outstanding and the variety has performed well under commercial growing conditions in the UK. Karaka Black is one of the earliest high qualities available. Picking commences in early July and extends until mid-August.

The variety produces canes of moderate vigour and although spiny are reasonably easy to manage. Spacing of 1m is recommended.

CAC Grade

2 Litre pots: £485 per hundred

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Fully recommended

Planting Distance

Intra-row spacing - 1m / 39ins, Row Width - 2.5m / 8ft, Plants per Acre - 1620, Plants per hectare - 4000


2 Litre - Yes

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