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Aspalim F1, Asparagus

EU 48104
• Suitable for growing green asparagus
• Very high production potential
• Uniform grades and a high spear weight
• Starts producing very early
• Very tight tips
• Recommended plant density: 4-4.5 plants per metre

Aspalim is a 100% male hybrid that starts producing very high yields very early. Grown best in well-drained, vital soils at a  density of 4 to 4.5 crowns per metre and a planting depth of 15 to 22cm. Aspalim starts producing asparagus with tight tips extremely early and is therefore very suitable for advanced harvests.

The cylindrical spears are smooth and have an excellent thickness that is maintained for many years. Aspalim has a very high production potential, and excellent quality even under warm harvesting conditions. Producing erect, open, uniform foliage that will remain green until well into autumn providing the right efforts are made to prevent Botrytis.

NAKT Select Plant Certified - 1 Year Old Crowns

A Grade: £725 per thousand (available from early April) 
B Grade: £525 per thousand (available from early April)
Potting Grade: POA (available from early April)
3 Litre Pots: £380 per hundred (available now)

Additional charges may apply, please see the Cold Store Charges tab for more information.

Ordering Information
How To Grow – Crowns are best grown in an open, sunny site, but will tolerate some shade - full sun produces more vigorous plants and helps minimise disease. Any soil type is fine as long as it is free draining, remove any weeds and add plenty of aged manure or compost. When planting asparagus, choose fresh ground to avoid any build-up of pests – don’t replant an old asparagus bed with new asparagus. Space the crowns 30-45cm apart and spread the roots out evenly, but handle with care as they can easily break.

More Information – Crowns are available at the beginning of April. Potted plants are available from our nursery all year round. The prices listed are for quantities per thousand, if you wish to place a smaller order please get in contact with a member of the team.

Delivery – Please let us know when you are ready – we will not send plants without prior notice from you. Orders are despatched by parcel courier or pallet network depending on the size, weight and dimensions. Unfortunately, at this moment in time we are only able to deliver plants to UK based addresses, however if you would like to discuss the option of an export, please send an email to liam@rwwalpole.co.uk.

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