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Malwina, Strawberry

EU 24376
A specialist late season, superbly flavoured PYO variety.

Malwina produces glossy, dark red, firm berries that have a lovely aroma, exceptionally high Brix readings and a really excellent flavour.

The berries are large to very large with over 85% of the crop exceeding 35mm in diameter. The variety is self fertile and very late, cropping 10 days later than Florence. Yields are less than Elsanta.

The berries have a good tolerance to rain and are further protected by a vigorous leaf canopy. Regular picking is recommended to maintain fruit firmness. Malwina is robust, hardy and vigorous, it is resistant to Mildew, tolerant to Verticillium Wilt, Crown Rot and Red Core and shows only a limited susceptibility to Botrytis.

Nitrogen fertilizer should be applied carefully and sparingly to avoid excessive vegetative growth. The variety needs to be protected against Blossom Weevil and Thrips.

Certified Stock

Fresh plants: £250 per thousand
Cold stored A- grade plants: £196.90 per thousand
Cold stored A grade plants: £256.90 per thousand
Cold stored A+ grade plants: £356.90 per thousand

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Recommended for commercial evaluation

Planting Distance

Intra-row spacing - 40cm / 16ins, Row Width - 90cm / 36ins, Plants per Acre - 10900, Plants per hectare - 27800

Plant type

Fresh - Standard Grade - Yes
Cold Stored Graded - Yes

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