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Malling™ Allure, Strawberry

EU PVR App. 2017/3250
An exciting new variety from NIAB - EMR to compliment the highly successful Malling™ Centenary by matching its fruit quality but with a 14 day later season.

This variety produces an exceptionally high percentage of large berries (92% > 35mm) with a high proportion of Class 1 (91% EMSBC grower trials) and has a good yield potential. Superb fruit quality matches the very high standards set by Malling™ Centenary and is far superior to Elsanta and Sonata. The berries are lighter in colour than Elsanta, firm, with high Brix and excellent flavour.

Cropping with the same season as Florence, but somewhat more condensed, Malling™ Allure has a 50% pick date 14 days later than Malling™ Centenary. Malling™ Allure is a robust, vigorous plant with an upright habit with some resistance to Mildew but moderately susceptible to Crown Rot and Verticillium Wilt.

Certified Stock

Fresh standard plants: £240 per thousand
Cold stored A grade plants: £246.50 per thousand
Cold stored A+ grade plants: £346.50 per thousand 
Fresh Tray plants: £550 per thousand

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