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Malling™ Champion, Strawberry

EU PVR App. 2017/3249
The latest everbearer to be released from the East Malling Strawberry Breeding Club's programme, Malling™ Champion is a high yielding, large fruited, high quality selection with superior disease resistance.

An early season everbearer with a peak harvest in July and steady production throughout August. A high yielding variety that frequently exceeds 1000gms/plant in trials. Shelf-life is good and the berries are attractive, conic shaped, with a good skin firmness and a pleasantly sweet flavour.

62% of berries exceeded 32mm in size and a Class 1 percentage of 88% in trials. Well displayed fruit on long trusses ensure fast and economical picking. Malling™ Champion is resistant to Crown Rot and Verticillium Wilt and has moderate resistance to Powdery Mildew.

Certified Stock

250cc cell tray plant: £556 per thousand
135cc cell mini tray plants: £480 per thousand 

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