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Kwanza®, Raspberry

'Advabertwee' EU 40336
Lower yielding than Imara® or Kweli® but with exceptional fruit quality and flavour, Kwanza® has real potential for the most discriminating markets. The berries are very large, averaging in excess of 6gms in trial, well presented and easily picked and have a very bright, attractive appearance. The fruit is orange-red and does not darken after harvest; the flavour is excellent and the berries are consistently sweet throughout the harvest period. The berries are firm and have excellent shelf life. Kwanza® is a little earlier than Kweli® and about 10 days later than Polka. The variety has a compact, upright growth habit with large leaves and few basal shoots or spines. No significant problem has been detected with pests or diseases.

Approved Health

Minimum Order 500 Plants: POA

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