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Portlim, Asparagus

EU 42399
• Suitable for green asparagus production
• High production potential
• Uniform sizes and high stem weight
• Excellent tip closure
• Strong, robust plant traits
• Recommended plant density: 4-5 plants per metre

Portlim is a 100% male hybrid that is ideal for green asparagus
production in regions with a temperate climate. Portlim combines medium early production with high yields and a long, profitable production life.

Portlim grows best on fertile, well-drained soils. Our own trials for green asparagus production conducted over a series of years showed that the best results were achieved with a planting density of 4 plants per linear metre with a planting depth of 15- 20cm. Portlim is a strong variety that can even produce an acceptable crop in more difficult conditions.

Portlim has a high production potential, excellent quality and very good thickness. Even when harvested in warm or hot conditions, the tip of Portlim remains firmly closed. The variety has outstanding spear thickness which remains more or less constant during its production life. Portlim produces attractive, cylindrical, smooth spears.

Portlim has uniform, upright foliage with an open structure. The
foliage is hardly susceptible to lodging and has good resistance to foliage diseases.

NAKT Select Plant Certified

1 year old crowns: €674 per thousand 

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