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Guelph Millennium, Asparagus 

• A male asparagus hybrid for green spear production
• Bred in Canada, the plant is tolerant of cold winters
• Performs well during late seasons and hot weather
• Noted for high vigour in fern and spear production
• Performs on range of soil types and known for tolerance to replant
• Recommended plant density: 6 plants per metre

Guelph Millennium is a late, male asparagus variety. The variety is late to emerge in the spring, on average it is 7 days later than the standard. However it is fast to make up for this and produces high volumes of marketable spears on a daily basis. As a result of this, harvesting costs per kilogram are low.

Guelph Millennium is well renowned for its exceptionally high quality spears. It is a league of its own for top quality asparagus spears in the late season. The tips remain tight at greater spear heights than standard varieties and the variety performs at its best in hotter harvesting seasons. In these conditions when the pressure on head quality is at its maximum, the advantage in spear quality offered by Guelph Millennium is exacerbated.

Planting density needs to suit each growers system but good results have been obtained with 33,000 crowns/hectare and planting depths between 10-15cm.

NAKT Select Plant Certified

1 year old crowns: £525 per thousand (available from early April)
2 Litre Pots: £450 per hundred (available now)
3 Litre Pots: £500 per hundred (available now)

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