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Glen Dee, Raspberry

EU 49182
Trialed as 0447C-5, Glen Dee is a late selection with a mid-pick date five days later than Octavia in Scotland and between Glen Ample and Octavia in Southern England.

This variety has consistently produced very high yields in three years of trialling. The berries are large, conical in shape and with a good, pleasant flavour. The berries have superb shelf life maintaining both colour and firmness in storage better than any other floricane in JHI tests. Glen Dee produces strong and vigorous spine free canes which are easily managed and display the fruit well making picking relatively easy. The variety is susceptible to Raspberry Root Rot and needs to be protected by the routine application of fungicide.

The variety needs lateral support and care needs to be taken to ensure that Raspberry Beetle controls are timed to coincide with flowering.

Certified Stock

Standard Cane: £860 per thousand
Root: £20 per kg

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