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Valentina, Raspberry

An early season floricane raspberry from East Malling Research. Valentina is an exceptionally high yielding selection.

The berries are medium to large with a bright and attractive pink-apricot colour.

Flavour is good but the skin is soft and shelf life inadequate for sale to the multiples. Carrying only a few spines, Valentina produces tall upright canes and has excellent pest and disease resistance including to Raspberry Root Rot.

Recommended for amateur and PYO use.

Approved Health

Standard Cane: £730 per thousand

Season Early
Rating Recommended for specialist use
Planting Distances - Intra-row spacing 60cm / 24ins
Planting Distances - Row Width 2.7/3m or 9/10ft
Planting Distances - Plants per Acre 2200/2400
Planting Distances - Plants per hectare 5500/6200
Canes - Standard YES
Potted Plants (60 Cell Modules) YES
Graded Roots YES

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