Ben Connan Black Butte Blanka
Blue Pearl

Ben Connan is a Sarek-Lomond cross that carries high yields of exceptionally large fruit on compact bushes. These large berries …more

Black Butte is an early season variety, ripening in mid-July and producing attractive, well presented, uniform berries of good flavour …more

The highest yielding white currant in trials in Holland, Blanka produced in excess of 4kg/m2 of fruit. Large berries and long …more

Blue Pearl is a very compact ornamental blueberry making it an ideal potted plant for the patio. The attractive pink flowers …more

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Boysenberry Buckingham Tayberry Cambridge Favourite Chester

This thorn-less selection carries large round or oblong fruit, purplish black in colour and with a characteristic, attractive flavour similar …more

The most exciting new hybridberry for many years – a tayberry without spines. Buckingham Tayberry is believed to be identical …more

Bred in 1938 and nursed through the war as a numbered seeding, Cambridge Favourite became the most widely grown variety …more

Bred in Maryland, USA, Chester’s combination of high quality fruit, excellent flavour and a late season has resulted in its …more

Darzila Ebony Glen Coe Hinnonmaki Red

A new variety from Planasa. A week earlier than Gijnlim and producing larger yields and larger spears. This is an …more

This new, superbly flavoured, selection sets a new standard for blackcurrants and firmly establishes Ebony as a genuine dessert variety  …more

This specialist variety is the result of a cross between a black raspberry and Glen Prosen. The deep rich purple  …more

A mid-season, very hardy variety. Produces a heavy crop of medium-sized dark red fruit on a semi-upright bush. Flavour of  …more




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Varieties: Elsanta, Cambridge Favourite and Red Gauntlet.

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